Accessory Recommendations

Side Burners – Designed in single or dual burner configurations, almost every BBQ grill manufacturer offers a built in side burner option. Some are configured directly to the built in gas grill unit, while others are completely separate. Most side burners are 15,000 BTU which it typical of indoor ranges. For turkey frying or intense wok cooking, consider the specialty side burners in the 60,000 BTU range.

Refrigerators are common in outdoor kitchen designs and can be broken down into two classifications. UL approved for outdoor use and non UL approved for outdoor use. You will typically pay about $1,000 more for a UL approved refrigerator because they have a larger compressor in order to keep your food cool, even in 100F temperatures. In addition, all the wiring/electronics is designed for wet, tough outdoor environments. Despite the limitations of non UL approved refrigerators, many people are willing to forgo warranties and cooling capability, for the lower prices.

Access Doors come in a variety of sizes in order to fit almost any particular application. Doors are typically required/recommended below built in gas grills (for access to gas lines) and below built in sinks (for access to plumbing). Each door has a specific cut-out specification, and is then installed using masonry bolts or screws depending on your outdoor kitchen construction. Most doors come with at least a 1” wide flange to cosmetically hide the actual cut-out.

Storage Drawers - Instead of running inside to grab a tool set or seasoning, why not have a set of drawers built right into your outdoor kitchen? As with access drawers, there are many sizes to choose from.

Outdoor Ice-Makers – The ultimate in outdoor entertaining, ice makers are becoming more popular in today’s outdoor kitchen design. There are two basic types of ice makers. The standard ice-maker, which is identical to those on most refrigerators and simply fills a bucket and requires a water supply. And, the continuous ice maker, which is constantly making ice that is always “fresh,” but does require a drainage system.

Keg Dispenser - Whether it is the first or the final touch to your outdoor kitchen design, the beer dispenser is an ultimate indulgence in outdoor entertaining.

Warming Drawer - Keep cooked foods perfectly warm until dinner is ready with an outdoor warming drawer. With thermostatically controlled temperature ranges from 175 to 230 degrees, and moist / crisp settings, these are the ultimate accessory for your outdoor kitchen.

Sinks / Coolers - Our built-in coolers and sinks are a great compliment to your outdoor kitchen design. Our rust resistant stainless steel coolers and sinks are perfect for large or small gatherings. Most coolers and sinks can be built right into your outdoor kitchen for many years of enjoyment.

Paper Towel Holder - Just one more indulgence for our modern conveniences! This stainless steel built in paper towel holder gives you the option of always having paper towels handy, instead of having them blowing all over the backyard.

Trash Bin - Need a trash container outside? With a sleek look, these built in trash bins give you all the convenience of your inside trash can at the tip of your finger. A plastic trash can slides inside this container for ease of emptying.

Outdoor TV’s – Televsions can top off the best outdoor kitchen design. While any TV may work, we are extremely excited about the Sunbright all weather LCD outdoor television. This UL approved for outdoor use television, allows you to enjoy outdoor entertainment in the convenience of your own backyard. These televisions are two to four times brighter than a regular televisions, have built in heaters for cold weather, oversized cooling fans for higher temperatures, and are designed to withstand direct water.