Grill Recommendations

Choosing a grill: There are two basic grill types: charcoal or gas (usually available in either natural gas or propane). While both grill types have their advantages and disadvantages, the decision comes right down to personal preference. Gas grills are extremely convenient and do a good job of grilling foods. Charcoal grills provide more flavor and can typically be used as either a grill or a smoker. For the best of both worlds, many people choose to use both a gas and charcoal grill. 

Most grills have a cooking area of about 24 to 48 inches wide and 19 to 26 inches deep. Unlike indoor appliances, the cutout dimensions for built in grills vary significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, always choose your appliances before finalizing the building plans for your outdoor kitchen. 

The BBQ grill industry is changing significantly right now. There are a number of imported grills on the market in which the actual manufacturer has simply purchased a recognizable brand or logo. offers the finest manufactured grills available. All the products we offer are from proven manufacturers, with strong warranties and customer service.