Layout and Design Ideas


Pictures are a great starting point to help with your outdoor kitchen design.  Visit our picture album at for numerous backyard entertainment areas.  Many simple projects can be designed and completed by yourself.  For more sophisticated outdoor kitchen designs, consult a landscape architect or a contractor specializing in this area. Because the built in grill is typically the heart of your entertaining area, we recommend you design your outdoor kitchen around it.  Then arrange the other items in the area so they are accessible from the grill when you are cooking.  Don’t forget simple things like hooks for utensils, and places to hang towels.  If you include a sink, refrigerator or storage cabinet they should all be close to each other, but they don’t necessarily have to be arranged in the traditional triangle like indoors.  Bar areas are great for providing a sitting area for guests, while the host or cook is preparing the feast. 

Dimensional recommendations:  The following are guidelines for dimensionally designing your outdoor kitchen.  The biggest mistake we find in outdoor kitchen design is inadequate counter space.  While we list a 24” minimum, we recommend much more.

Common Design Measurements:
      Finished Counter Height:     36-38”
      Counter Depth:                   30-36”  (Appliance Specs will Determine)
      Bar Height:                         42-44”
      Bar or Table Seating:          24” Per Chair
      Legroom                            15” Minimum
      Counter Worksurface:        24” Minimum*

* Recommend same as appliance cutout i.e. a 30” grill and 24” sink should have a minimum of 54” counter.