Location Recommendations

An existing backyard patio is a great starting point for an outdoor kitchen design. You can add a grill, storage cabinets and other elaborate features without going to the expense and headache of making structural modifications. If you are not as fortunate to have a starting point such as an existing patio, a deck with a little extra support would be the next easiest way to achieve the desired results. With all that said an outdoor kitchen should be near the house to save you steps when you need to go into the house and get various things you are not able to store outside. Take the time to determine everything you want in your outdoor kitchen, even if you have plans to complete the job in stages, or are only dreaming, you will save time and money by educating yourself and planning ahead. 

Another important consideration in determining your location is access to utilities – natural gas, water, sewage, electrical, and even cable. These can often cause the price to increase significantly.